Say goodbye to miles of free parking in Chicago

FOX 32 NEWS - Hundreds of new parking meters are expected to pop up in Chicago, replacing miles of free parking. 

Not surprisingly, people aren't happy about it.

Seven hundred and fifty two new parking meters are what people can expect soon in the city of Chicago. According to DNAinfo, the 2017 budget calls for the addition in areas where parking right now is free.

Anywhere you go, you'll get the same answer about it.

"I think that kind of sucks,” said motorist Monique Gray.

"I think it's pretty ridiculous to be honest,” said Isabel Garcia.

Stretches of road, like the one along the 2000 block of South Archer Avenue, will be saying goodbye to free parking.

"It's kind of bad everywhere you go, you have to pay for everything. Even the library. I'm taking my daughter for tutoring at the library to try to get some work done and you still have to pay for that. So, that kind of sucks,” Gray added.

Nearly 40 city blocks will see new parking meters.

For those around Wrigley Field, they will see a price hike of two dollars extra on Cubs game days or during special events at the Friendly Confines. The hike starts two hours before and ends one hour after.

Many residents aren't looking forward to that.

“It's really hard to find free parking anywhere. And on Cubs day it's going to be insane,” Garcia added.

The additional meter boxes and game day price hike is expected to add five million dollars in revenue.

Some ask, in the future, how much will be too much?

“It's still our neighborhood and we still live here and we still shop here and we still have to do our errands and buy groceries here. So, I really hope that the city takes that into consideration when they continue to raise our prices,” said motorist Tara Hippensteel.

The additional revenue will reportedly go to make up for the 12 million dollars the city pays to the company that leases the boxes for spots that are not in service.