Sheriff escorts man to jail after 'extremely emaciated' dog found: 'This is how we treat you'

Sheriff Ivey, far right, personally escorted Peacock into jail, warning neglectful pet owners that “if this is how you treat your dog … this is how we treat you.” (Brevard County Sheriff’s Office)

A Florida sheriff personally escorted a man into jail for failing to provide enough food for his “extremely emaciated” dog, warning neglectful pet owners that “if this is how you treat your dog … this is how we treat you.”

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey on Thursday posted a photo of himself and Cpl. Chris Sauro of the Animal Cruelty Investigative Unit leading a handcuffed Ronald Peacock, who police said unsuccessfully tried to flee arresting officers, into the county jail.

Peacock was initially issued a citation and told to get his mixed-breed dog, Thor, to a veterinarian within 48 hours, Ivey wrote on Facebook. Officers returned for a follow-up inspection and learned that while Thor had been taken to a vet, he was only given vaccinations and heart-worm treatment.

Peacock told officers he couldn’t afford Thor’s medication or the amount of food needed to bring the dog’s weight up to a healthy level, “so he was not going to do anything further,” Ivey said.

“For the life of me I just don’t understand how someone could be so cruel as to allow an innocent creature to suffer, especially when there are so many different organizations out there that would help feed and nurse this little guy back to health,” the sheriff said.

Peacock failed to provide enough food for Thor, who is now in the care of animal services. (Brevard County Sheriff’s Office)

Thor was seized from Peacock and given to Animal Services who determined the dog was suffering from “extreme malnutrition due to neglect,” according to the post.

“I hate to sound like a broken record but once again let me be very clear: If you harm an animal in Brevard County, I am personally going to walk your butt into our jail and slam the door shut in your face,” Ivey said.

Peacock was charged with animal cruelty and resisting arrest without violence.

He was being held at the Brevard County Jail on $2,500 bond.