Shocking video: Fight breaks out between 2 women in Frankfort bathroom

A woman was hospitalized last week after a fight broke out in the bathroom of a banquet hall in suburban Frankfort.

On Thursday around 11 p.m., sheriff’s deputies responded to a battery call at CD&ME. When officers arrived on scene, security at the banquet hall told them a "physical altercation" occurred in the women’s bathroom between two females.

A 41-year-old woman was suffering from a bloody nose and fat lip, officers said. The other woman involved in the fight was no longer at the scene.

A witness told officers the two women were fighting over a sweater. At some point, the woman who left the scene struck the 41-year-old woman in the face and knocked her to the ground. She then left with the sweater, according to officers.

The 41-year-old — identified by FOX 32 as Denise Nardoni — was transported to Silver Cross for treatment. She suffered several broken bones in her hose and a deviated septum — not to mention the emotional trauma.


After speaking with Nardoni at the hospital, officers say the 41-year-old was exiting a bathroom stall when the other woman told Nardoni the sweater she had wrapped around her shoulders was not hers, and that it was the unknown females.

Nardoni told officers she had gotten cold earlier in the night and one of her friends had put the sweater on her shoulders. The victim believed the sweater was her friends, according to officers.

Nardoni says she did not provoke the attack, but wishes she would have just handed the sweater back.

"People should not have to go through this. Especially in a community where you do see so many heartwarming people out there, so many people that want to help. And then to have this happen over something so minor. It's ridiculous. And as hard as it is for me to go public about it, I'm doing it because I believe she should be charged so it doesn't happen to anyone else," Nardoni said.

Officers are hoping to identify the unknown woman who committed the assault.

The co–owner of CD&ME, which is covered in surveillance cameras, explained they have security and washroom attendants during live music events.

"They stay for a period of time after the band is over, but they happened to be gone then," said Dean Vaundry, co-owner of CD&ME. "We are we are looking at everything that we can do so that this never happens again."

He says in their two decades of events, they’ve only ever had a handful of problems and are fully cooperating with police on handing over pictures and surveillance video.

The investigation is ongoing.