Shots fired at New Lenox homeowner during car break-in

A New Lenox man says a gunman started shooting at him from his driveway, and it was all caught on video.

The homeowner in the Thunder Ridge subdivision caught the suspect rummaging through his vehicle parked in the driveway. It happened at 2:45 Friday morning in the 3300 block of Crazy Horse Drive.

Brian Dee says he saw the suspect, flashed the exterior house lights and went after him and that's when the gunman opened fire.

“Everything kind of went blank. I kind of thought at first it wasn’t real, but it was real once I realized the bullets had struck my house,” Dee said.

Dee says one of the shots narrowly missed his head, but his screen door was not so lucky. He admits the SUV was unlocked and the suspect got away with his wife's insurance card, fleeing in a dark colored car.

“A stray bullet could’ve gone in my daughter’s room. It’s very concerning,” Nicole Paulson said.

Paulson lives across the street and she says her family was hit last week. Someone broke into her husband's truck, which was also unlocked.

“They took my husband’s book bag and a coworker found it at a nearby gas station,” Paulson said. “These are not just kids being kids, we have to stand together as a community.”

Dee says this has happened four times this year, but now the criminals are upping the ante.

“They know my cameras are there, that doesn't deter them. I don’t even know the fact that they came here and had an incident with a firearm will deter them, they will be back so we will see what happens.” Dee said.

Just as the neighbor’s book bag was dumped along the side of the road more than a week ago, Friday morning’s victim’s insurance card was found near a road in Mokena.

If you live in the area and have surveillance video of something suspicious, call police.