Video shows moments gunshots ring out near St. Rita during baseball game; at least 5 vehicles damaged

Video captured by the 16th and 17th district Chicago police scanner shows the moments gunshots rang out near St. Rita High School on Chicago's Southwest Side during a baseball game Thursday afternoon.

The shots were fired in the 7800 block of Western Avenue.

At about 5:18 p.m., a 42-year-old woman was coming out of a fast food drive-thru in a black Lexus when a dark colored SUV drove by and fired shots toward her vehicle, causing damage to five other parked vehicles.


Police say the offenders fled eastbound on 79th Street toward Western Avenue. 

A baseball game was going on at St. Rita High School when shots were fired.

Players are seen on video diving to the ground.

No further information was released by police. 

The school released a statement saying:

"Yesterday’s incident in our neighborhood was disturbing and a sad reminder that violence can occur anywhere at any time.  We thank our security staff and law enforcement for their quick response.  We remain fully committed to the safety of our students, faculty, staff, parents, and guests."