Show of support for LGBTQ community after restaurant worker makes anti-gay comment

Lane Tech students are calling for a boycott of a Roscoe Village restaurant after they say a worker made a homophobic comment to a gay couple.

Students claim a cashier verbally assaulted two young men for hugging in the fast food restaurant. The Lane Tech community has reacted in a big way, standing behind their LGBTQ students.

On Wednesday after school, Lane Tech students did not cross the street to head to one of their usual spots at Western and Addison. They stayed away from "Big Boy Gyros" on purpose.

"Pretty unanimously, like, people are not going to support Big Boys anymore," said Lane Tech senior Aster Smith.

Classmates say a worker discriminated against two young men, who are dating, for showing a sign of affection inside the fast food place on Monday.

“And we walk in there, we put our stuff down and we’re just like talking and stuff and then the guy at the counter yells at our two friends who were hugging. And then he said two guys can’t do that. If it was a girl and a guy, that’s ok, but like not two guys and we were like all really shaken for a second," said Lane Tech sophomore Lyla Stern.

"And I have never really experienced anything like that before and I, I didn’t really know how to react," Stern added.

Lane Tech is standing behind its LGBTQ students, telling parents they don't tolerate hatred and won't support an organization that promotes hatred.

“I’m actually pretty proud about my school’s handling of it. Lane Tech, especially in recent years, has always been a very supportive institution of the students," said Smith.

The following is the full statement from Lane Tech:

"Dear Lane Tech Family,

Earlier today we were informed of an incident involving some of our students at Big Boy Gyros,  3541 N Western Ave.  An innocent display of affection was shared by two young students which prompted a restaurant staff member to shout homophobic phrases at our students.  When our students proceeded to leave, he made it a point to share that "they" (LGBT+) were not welcomed.

As a school, we are disheartened because our students were treated with disrespect and made to feel unwelcome.  As a community, we stand strong and we want to make it clear that Lane Tech does not stand for discrimination of any kind.  We will not tolerate hatred and will not support an organization that promotes hatred of any kind.  We support any students, staff and community members that choose to not support Big Boy Gyros.  This incident will be addressed in person by Lane Tech's administration and any questions or concerns can be sent to Gabriela Escobar at"