Sierra Leone princess visits Chicago area to promote important topics with students

It was a royal visit to the Chicago area on Wednesday.

Princess Sarah Culberson of Sierra Leone spent the day in south suburban Richton Park, for a special visit with some students there.

She stopped by Rich Township High School to speak with students about her family and her charity work around the globe.

She is currently on a world tour to promote the importance of clean drinking water, education, and ending world hunger.


On Wednesday, Princess Culberson spoke to the students about how supporting one another can make a difference in uplifting their community.

"I think sometimes we can be competitive, one up each other, not realize each other's strengths and gifts and support each other and praise each other for our strengths and gifts, and support each other's in our journey. As women and girls that is so vastly important, not just now but as you get older. Because the women who do that and the girls who do that are going to go very, very far in life," Culberson said.

The princess was born in West Virginia and given up for adoption at a young age.

She discovered her royal lineage in the Mende Tribe later in life after seeking out her biological family in Sierra Leone.

She chose to go into humanitarian work when she learned about her heritage.