Sisters reunited for first time in decades

Terry Montgomery Engleman says she always knew she had a little sister out there. Now, after finding Jessica White through social media and organizing a surprise meeting at the airport, these two can begin getting to know one another.

“We have 49 years of love to catch up on!” said Engleman, of Summerfield, Florida.

Separated, but never far apart, both half-sisters grew up right down the road from one another in Kentucky.

“How many times did we maybe walk past one another and not know it?” Engleman asked.

It turns out, their mutual friend Mary Yokley, helped piece it all together. 

“I had lunch one day, and she posted our picture on Facebook. And when she did, Jessica saw it and Jessica’s dating Mary’s sweet brother, James,” Engleman explained.

They quickly became Facebook friends, exchanging photos and stories. 

“We got the DNA test and it said 'yes you’re siblings,'” said Engleman.

Both now proudly hold onto the posters Terry made for surprising Jessica.  

“I don’t know if i could put it into words. I have a sense of belonging that I had not had before,” said White.

Now, at 51 and 57 years old, they say they’re going to make the best of the time they now have together.