Skateboarding dog in Chicago brings cheer amid COVID-19 pandemic

A dog with a special talent is letting the good times roll on the North Side.

We could all use a little cheering up and this pup is definitely bringing the sunshine.

"Dude is our skateboarding dog," said Romaine Michelle.

He's a star on the North Side around Irving Park and Ashland.

“So I got him a board and first all he did was push it down the street and it's taken almost a year to get to this point and it's just now starting to steer,” Michelle said.

Despite his lack of direction, it's clear this Poodle is on the right track.

“When I bring Dude out here, 90% of it is for everybody passing by. To see their smiles, laughter. People come around the block to get a second shot," Michelle said.

Michelle says she's giving Dude more runs now, to try to spread some cheer in the neighborhood during a tough time.

"I've had nothing but happiness with this dog and I hope he can impart this on everybody,” Michelle said.

Michelle says Dude has a 15-year-old girlfriend that likes to surf on top of a buggy that he rides in. It's quite the menagerie of talent.