Sky-high gas prices: Illinois drivers struggling to keep up at the pump

The price of gas ticks even higher.

The national average cost of a regular gallon of gasoline hit $4.52 on Tuesday. This topped Monday’s record of $4.48, which in turn beat Sunday’s record of $4.47.

Drivers are struggling to keep up at the pump. At the BP at the corner of Broadway and Irving Park Road, the cost of regular gas is $5.09 a gallon. That price matches the current average for regular gas in Chicago.

Unfortunately, experts say this trend is only going to continue, with prices expected to peak sometime in July or August.

But until then, we may not see much relief.


Some drivers we spoke with say high gas prices are making them re-consider how much they are traveling and what they're spending on other goods.

"I have to fill up twice a week and it’s running me about $100," said Michelle Kones. "Oh yes, it’s going to go up. It’s going to go up. I’ll just cut back on my driving, I’ll have to I have a budget, I have to try to live."

For comparison, California currently has the highest average in the country at over $6 a gallon.

While Kansas has the cheapest, at just over $4 a gallon for regular gas.