Some job experts say that putting your vaccine status on your resume could help you get hired

It's a controversial question these days: "Are you vaccinated?"

And for most employers, it's one that has to be asked, given the Biden administration mandate requiring companies with over 100 employees to have everyone vaccinated or do regular testing. That's why many job experts are recommending that job seekers put their vaccination status on their resume.

"It would cost the company a lot of money, time, effort, management every week to deal with testing. I think it’s a big headache for a company they can avoid by making sure everyone is vaccinated," said University of Chicago Booth School of Business Associate Professor of Employment Law David Pogrund.

Employers are saying it's hard to hire right now, and many candidates are getting multiple offers. Thus, anything that can be done to speed up the process will probably be greeted happily by the employer.

"The candidate market is very tight. Candidates have lots of options for job opportunities today," said Michelle Reisdorf, Robert Half Regional Vice President. "From a client and candidate perspective, [employers] need to make decisions quickly because most candidates are getting multiple offers at a time."

Just to be clear, while this is a hot topic in employment law, you are not required to put your vaccinate status on your resume. 

"I think its all about what you are comfortable with. It's perfectly fine to put it on there. It's also perfectly fine to leave it off. Just be prepared to have that conversation during the interview process," said Reisdorf.


FOX 32 Chicago spoke with customer service contract employee Melissa Davila, who switches jobs about once a year. She said she would not want to put her vaccination status on her resume.

"I think the important part is my possible employer would be looking at my skills," Melissa Davila said. "It might make things smoother, yes, but I know a lot of people who aren’t comfortable sharing that information."

If you do decide to put your vaccination status on your resume, opinions vary on where it should go. Some job experts said it should be at the top; others said it should go at the bottom with other soft skills.