Some suburbs see over a foot of snow, crews continue to clear streets

From the city to the suburbs, the snow just can't be cleaned up fast enough. 

At one point, nearly two and a half inches of snow came down per hour, leaving behind 14.5 inches on the ground in Oak Lawn.

Public Works plow crews managed to clear it all, but the work is far from over because they will have to start moving it again.

"It’s a double move. We move into snow removal operation, then we move into removal where we are using heavier equipment," said Bill Meyer from Oak Lawn Public Works.


Snow will be moved to an abandoned warehouse on 100th and Lavergne as concern grows over the possibility of flooding. 

"We are starting to pile it up on vacant lands and lots so we can make sure we can have the drains open if we do get that warm up," said Meyer.