South Korea honors health workers, highlights importance of handwashing in elaborate drone light show

There has been no shortage of creative tributes to front-line workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but South Korea’s July 7 display served both as a dazzling salute and stellar public service announcement.

Using drones, the Republic of Korea orchestrated a spectacular light show to honor the health care heroes battling the virus, while also urging the public to continue following safety guidelines.

The drones light show highlighted the importance of mask-wearing when they arranged into a pattern that resembled a masked face, with some drones acting as particles failing to penetrate the mask.

Organizers then moved the drones into the shape of open hands with water droplets falling on them from above, symbolizing the importance of handwashing.

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Social distancing was highlighted when the drones assembled in the formation of a man and a woman backing away from each other. Drones that were positioned above that display formed flashing arrows, reminding viewers not to get too close to one another.

Some of the other drone displays included a thumbs-up, the phrase “thank you” spelled out to the next to a red heart, and the South Korean flag.

South Korea’s number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is remarkably low compared to other developed nations. The country has received international praise for its handling of the outbreak, quickly embracing measures needed to limit its spread.

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More than 13,338 had tested positive as of July 10.

According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, more than 12,000 of those infected with COVID-19 in the country have recovered.

Even so, 288 people in South Korea have died from the novel coronavirus.

This story was reported from Atlanta.