South Loop residents fed up with crime: 'We need to take our community back'

South Loop residents gather for a community meeting Tuesday after crime has spiked in the neighborhood.

"We need to take our community back and to feel safe here,” said Jeanne McInerney.

More than two hundred showed up. It took place not far from where one of their neighbors was gunned down.

Bill Smith, 45, was shot and killed in a botched robbery on Sunday morning. Police arrested 56-year-old Robert Burgess and charged him in the murder. .

Prosecutors say surveillance video captured him on camera, including his license plate. When police found him at home, they recovered a weapon matching the same caliber used to kill Smith.

Police say burgess told them he tried to rob Smith and shot him.

This is just one reason why neighbors gathered, brainstorming, on how to make the community safer.

“How do you reduce crime? This is an awesome start right now,” a police officer said.

Neighbors shared suggestions and also asked for more police presence.

“As neighbors we really have to look out for each other,” said Dr. Rachael Ross.

She shared her story that just last week a man broke into her home. She ran out after him and a neighbor helped her chase him.