South Side middle school rallies together for No One Eats Alone Day

Gary Comer Middle School celebrates National No One Eats Alone Day by making the meal and the individual feel special. 

For sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, "belonging" can be everything. Students received a catered brunch to kick off the day: chicken tenders, fruit, yogurt, eggs, and waffles to be enjoyed in the company of others. 

Students are encouraged to open up to people they don’t know, to think about acceptance and connections in a shared experience.

No One Eats Alone Day was inspired by the US Surgeon General’s advisory on social connection. Students learned that social isolation can affect health. 

The’ja Martin, Dean of Social Work said this age group is still learning social skills and the curriculum helps them learn ways to be a good friend.

"It encourages that sense of belonging and it prioritizes that connection. So when you have that connection and you can attach joy to it, then you feel more inclined to be a part of something bigger and better," Martin said.

People bond over food. But at school, mealtime can be a different story. Today, students on the South Side learned that being a part of community is healthy.