South Side residents take stand against violence after Chatham mass shooting

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FOX 32 NEWS - South Side residents are taking a stand against violence after a mass shooting in the Chatham neighborhood Wednesday night.

Seven people were shot, including a 12-year-old.

The violence that plagues the city is something the residents know all too well, and they're standing together to say it won't be tolerated any more.

'Operation Wake Up' often comes to scenes after shootings and tragedies to bring people out to take their neighborhoods back.

On Wednesday night, a group of people came to hold a vigil for Jamayah Fields, who was gunned down in a different neighborhood earlier this week.

Chicago police say a gunman pulled up and opened fire into the crowd, hitting four women, two teenage boys and a 12-year-old boy. All are expected to recover.

"We can do what we can do, but we need you all to help us. Ok. If you don't take anything else from this is that we are all in this together,” one Chicagoan said.

Residents who came out on this cold Thursday night were told activists and community leaders cannot take back the streets alone, and that the residents are needed.

Dozens of residents signed up to connect with each other with the hope that residents will be proactive and say something if they see something.

Chicago police say they are still searching for the gunman from Wednesday night's mass shooting.