Space history up for auction: Neil Armstrong collection in Chicago

It was a key moment in America. Now, memories of a historic spacewalk will hit the auction block.

The family of Neil Armstrong is putting thousands of his personal items up for sale, and some are on display in Chicago this week.

It's not just space-buffs that are excited. The auction is expected to attract world-wide attention.

More than three thousand memories from Armstrong are going up for auction.

“It doesn't get any better than Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon,” said Jeff Greer.

Greer from Heritage Auctions gave us a peek at key pieces on display in River North, from a Purdue flag Armstrong hoisted for his alma mater to a fragment from the original Wright brothers' airplane.

Many items traveled with Armstrong on his historic Apollo 11 flight. That includes a small American flag with a huge opening bid -- $75-thousand-dollars.

While most is, of course, tied to space, there are also more personal glimpses into Armstrong’s life.

“There are items in this auction that will make you say wow, will make you scratch your head, some items will make you laugh, and some will make you think,” Greer said.

You could buy Armstrong’s Boy Scout award, or a letter he once wrote to the Easter Bunny, or check out the astronaut's version of insurance.

“They would sign several hundreds of these covers, leave them behind for their family in case they didn't return,” Greer said.

With a new movie about Armstrong now out, it's a very public time for a private man.

Armstrong's sons say they hope it reminds us what people can achieve when we work together toward a common goal.

Bidding for space history is already underway.