Spiked vests keep coyotes from attacking small dogs

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Concerns over coyotes led two San Diego dog owners to make their own form of puppy protection. 

Paul and Pam Mott said they witnessed a coyote attack and kill one of their beloved furry friends. Since then, they've made it their mission to keep it from ever happening again, according to the website selling their new product. 

The Motts came up with a wearable deterrent against attacks - the CoyoteVest

The vest comes equipped with spikes and what's described on the product website as CoyoteWhiskers - long, thin plastic sticks fanning out from three spots on the back of the vest. 

Also available on the CoyoteVest website, a Coyote Zapper - which comes with a remote control allowing the operator to "push a button and force the coyote to drop your dog right now." Also, the Coyote Collar, which could stop an animal from grabbing a dog around its neck. 

Pet owner Chris Ducommun said she was concerned about her dog Grace's safety, after hearing of several coyote sightings in her neighborhood. So she bought a CoyoteVest. 

"They are part of the family, they really are one of us. They are real special, so we want to keep them safe," Ducommun said.

Ducommun said Grace doesn't seem to mind the vest and it gives her piece of mind for her furry friend. 

"So I do feel more comfortable again letting her out on her own and I think she feels pretty comfortable too," she said. "She doesn't have any trouble moving around in it - well see she's pretty comfortable."

Vets say the vest does not completely protect the dog, and the best safety advice is to keep a close eye on them.