St. Baldrick's hosts Chicago head-shaving event to conquer cancer

Fundraising for St. Baldrick’s Foundation kicked off at Children’s Hospital University of Illinois on Friday.

Hospital employees, caregivers and family members parted with their hair.

They do it for children with cancer. The solidarity of head shaving has raised more than $340 million to fund cancer research. Since it started, survival rates have improved, treatment is advancing. One surgery nurse stepped out of the operating room to participate. It seems everyone is touched by cancer.

Ernie and Anna Cairo’s 8-year-old son Dominic, died of cancer in 2011. They said this event helps ease their pain. They have been involved in St. Baldrick’s since 2008.

Noah Norwood, 2, attended the event with his parents. He was diagnosed at 3 months old and is about to undergo difficult treatment to fight Stage 4 cancer. His dad, Nathaniel, had his head shaved to support other families going through what he and his wife Simone are enduring. She said the hardest part is that her son does not understand what is happening. In spite of his condition, Noah was the life of the party today.

Childhood cancer can be a dark, lonely road.

The doctors said events like this provide a chance to laugh and enjoy fellowship, which is nourishing for everyone.