State lawmaker says he'll be out on Chicago streets this weekend hoping to prevent chaos

An Illinois state lawmaker says he and other community leaders plan to be out on the street this weekend, hoping to prevent a repeat of last weekend's mob violence downtown.

FOX 32 asked State Rep. Kam Buckner what he will do if he does encounter teens planning another round of violence.

"Well, listen, I used to be a teenager in Chicago. I grew up in this town and I didn't always do the right thing. But listen, I think it's about having honest conversations -- cogent conversations with them about why these things don't make sense. And asking them once again what they need," Buckner said.


The larger question at top of mind for many Chicagoans is as Mayor Lori Lightfoot exits City Hall next month and Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson enters, what is being done to forestall the deadly gunfire that claims so many lives every summer, often beginning around Memorial Day.

"What has way too often in this city been a bloody weekend for Memorial Day, you know, I think it's going to take some real bold and creative thinking on how we engage with communities. Everybody has to be hand-to-hand on this stuff," Buckner said.

Buckner, a former candidate for mayor who ended up endorsing Johnson, said the mayor-elect has already held several meetings to brainstorm about how to control violence this summer.