'Steel Magnolias' heads back to the big screen for 30th anniversary

“Steel Magnolias” is headed back to theaters to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film, which has long captured the hearts and minds of viewers for its stellar, female-focused cast, its rich depictions of Southern culture and its deeply poignant plot line.

Julia Roberts starred in the film at the beginning of her acting career alongside some truly legendary women of the silver screen. Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah and Olympia Dukakis round out the superstar lead cast.

“Steel Magnolias” has been remastered for its return to theaters May 19, May 21 and May 22 as part of Fathom Events' TCM Series.

The film was developed from a stage play written by a man named Robert Harling, who crafted the story as an homage to the women in his family, as well as the women who supported them. Roberts' character, Shelby, is based off of Harling's sister, Susan Harling Robinson, who passed away at the age of 33 due to diabetes complications.

In the beginning of the film, Robert Harling makes a cameo as the presiding minister at Shelby's overwhelmingly pink wedding, and many of the people playing wedding guests were actually guests at Susan Harling Robsinson's wedding.

The film follows Shelby's journey through a dangerous pregnancy that she knows full-well could end her life in childbirth due to her diabetes, but which she endures anyway for the chance to be a mother. All the while, her own mother, played by Sally Field, wrestles with the possibility of losing a child and looks to the women who make up her chosen family for support.

“Steel Magnolias” is a nod to the incredible strength of women, right down to the title.

To catch the 30th-anniversary screening of the film, check Fathom Events to find a participating theater near you.