Street closures begin for 2nd annual Chicago NASCAR Street Race

NASCAR enthusiasts, buckle up: the 2nd Annual Chicago Street Race is on its way. Preparation for the event is underway, with significant street closures already beginning in downtown Chicago.

The course construction began on Monday, with Ida B. Wells Drive being closed between Michigan Avenue and Columbus Drive. This area is set to host the main viewing sections for the race.

As the race weekend on July 6 and 7 approaches, temporary street closures will intensify over the coming weeks. The good news for commuters and residents is that this year's setup and takedown period has been reduced from 25 days to 19 days, aiming to minimize disruption.

While drivers are advised to start planning alternative routes and allow for extra travel time, the impact of these closures may not be felt immediately. The key date to note is Thursday, June 27, when major closures will take effect. On this day, sections of Jackson Drive, Balbo Drive, and Columbus Drive will be closed to accommodate race preparations.

Stay tuned for further updates as the city gears up for another thrilling NASCAR event.