Students grill Chicago mayoral candidates at high school forum

The race for Chicago mayor had some candidates heading back to school Wednesday.

A North Side high school held a mayoral forum, even though many of the students won't be allowed to fill out a ballot in the February election.

The lesson Wednesday at North Side college prep was how to get involved in politics at a young age.

“The decisions that get made February 26 will affect all of you more than anyone else,” said mayoral candidate Amara Enyia.

Daviana Soberanis helped lead the forum for Chicago’s mayoral candidates to show teens the need to be heard.

“Our voices matter, and if we aren't paying attention to what's going on then who is going to hold the politicians accountable,” Soberanis said.

Six out of the 21 people running for Chicago mayor showed up at the North Side school answering questions from CPS students.

Garry McCarthy touted his crime fighting credentials.

“We need functional policing,” he said.

Gery Chico talked education, which was key to the crowd.

“The future of Chicago is so dependent on how well CPS does,” he said.

While Jon Kozlar tried to connect with the kids.

“Don't go on dates until you're 25,” he said.

A lot of people in this audience aren't old enough to vote, but say they want to be involved.

“Because it's my future. Just because I can't vote yet doesn't mean who gets elected won't affect my college tuition my family my neighborhood, taxes, all that stuff,” said junior Mohammad Abunimeh.

Plus, candidates know another key truth, voiced by Dorothy Brown.

“Of course they have parents that are old enough to vote and they can take the word back to their parents,” Brown said.

The youngest candidate, Ja’Mal Green, got a rock-star reception.

And young women flocked to the rapper backed candidate, Amara Enyia.

Some students pledged to support campaigns and many seniors present at the forum will be able to vote.