Suburban Chicago man who killed his parents says he was abused growing up

Aaron Wulf, 36, of Northbrook murdered his parents Jan and Arthur at their Las Vegas home earlier this week before taking his own life.

Why did Aaron Wulf kill his parents before killing himself? In a 585 page manifesto and audio recording, he painstakingly details what he describes as a lifetime of pain and suffering at the hands of his parents. He also points a finger at many in the village of Northbrook for ignoring his cries for help.

"This is Aaron Wulf's about 3:15 PM...If you're listening to this it means I'm dead,” Wulf had said.

They are the first words spoken in Wulf's two and a half hour long audio file recorded a month before he murdered his parents, Jan and Art, and then took his own life earlier this week in Las Vegas. That recording, along with his manifesto titled 'The Worst Nightmare in History,’ details abuse which he claims began at an early age, around the same time his career as a child actor was starting to take off.

By the time he reached his teens, Wulf says he could no longer fight back, so he bulked up.

"I worked out every day...when I was around a gym or wasn't traveling, the times I could travel I started lifting weights at 14 because if I did not...I was going to get killed in that house...make no mistake about it,” Wulf had said.

Wulf not only blames his parents for a lifetime of physical and mental anguish, he says he was sexually abused by a former teacher and he takes aim at health professionals who he claims refused to help him.

"You know how many therapists I told as a kid? That I was being violently beaten at home and that there was photographic evidence...they didn't care,” Wulf had said.

Wulf cites detailed instances where school officials and police in Northbrook ignored physical signs of abuse. He uses screen shots of texts and emails from family friends concerned for his well-being while blaming some of them for ignoring his claims that his parents not only beat him, but stole tens of thousands of dollars from him, forcing him to escape a lifetime of pain by taking their lives and his own.

"In the end all the hopes and dreams I had could not come true because I could not get away from Jan and Art Wulf,” Wulf had said.

FOX 32 has spoken with former friends and neighbors about Aaron Wulf. Several told us that his father Art was a stern man with a temper. We also spoke to one of his former psychiatrists and he said that because of doctor patient confidentiality, he could not comment.

FOX 32 has also been told that a private service will be held this Sunday. Details have not yet been released.