Suburban Chicago schools switch to remote learning due to COVID-19

Several suburban Chicago schools are going remote because of COVID-19.

Lincoln-Way families in New Lenox did not find out until Monday morning that the rest of the week would be remote.

Students at the three high schools were supposed to be back in session on Tuesday and some say they hope this really is just a week at home and not longer.

The district sent a letter to Lincoln-Way families blaming the recent spike in COVID cases causing staffing shortages district-wide.

Remote learning will continue through Friday. The superintendent calls this "only a temporary disruption to in-person learning."

Students were allowed to visit the high school buildings Monday to gather items for remote learning.


Lincoln-Way students and parents that FOX 32 spoke to say in-person learning is best.

"I’m an ER nurse and last year I saw some many more kids with behavioral issues developing. It is so important for kids to be in school regardless of age," said Jennifer Radtke.

Jenna Hall is a Lincoln-Way senior.

"I was mad. I personally don’t like being online. I wish we were in-person. I feel like I learn better that way," she said.

The Lincoln-Way high schools are not the only ones going remote coming off of winter break. Skokie District 219 will be virtual for two weeks and Gary Community School Corporation for just this week.

In addition, School City of Hammond District will be remote this week and Crete Monee Middle School took a one-day adaptive pause on Monday.

Classes in Northwest Suburban District 300 were closed Monday, but will back in-person Tuesday.