Suburban restaurants open outdoor dining amid streak of warm weather

Thanks to the summer-like temperatures, some Chicago-area restaurants have opened up their patios to offer patrons a taste of sunshine.

"I saw 50s next week, but in the meantime it's gorgeous and we are going to enjoy it!" said Karen Krueger, who was dining out Wednesday night in downtown La Grange.

The town was bustling, as the temperatures still hovered around 80 degrees.

Patio tables were out and so were diners.

"This will double my business for the day," said Ian Smoke, the General Manager at Milk Money Brewing. "Just by having a patio and the garage door helps as well."


He says this is unusual to open the outdoor dining this early, but they will take advantage.

"The city literally just kind of gave us permission and the permits and all that stuff just last week," he said. "I don't think they were ready for this nice weather this early in the year."

He says many patrons seek out patios.

"We actually had planned to go to a different restaurant, but they didn’t have a patio open so we switched our plans because it’s too nice to be outside," said Krueger.

Smoke says even with the dip in temperatures, patrons will still want the option of outdoor dining.

"I think people will still come out," said Smoke. "We are Chicagoans - 60 degrees - that’s patio weather here!"