Suburban student suspended for not wearing a mask; mother says government 'does not control her body'

A suburban high school freshman was suspended on her first day of school for violating the school's dress code by not wearing a face covering.

The student attends Fremd High School in Palatine.

Sheri Urlacher, the mother of the student, said it needs to be known that the governor is enforcing "storm trooper schools."

"I want to know where is it written that the governor can just disregard the legislature and make these demands on us," said Urlacher.

Urlacher said she dropped her daughter off on the first day of school without a mask. 

School officials offered her a mask at the door, and she politely took it, Urlacher said.


"When she got upstairs, the teacher told her to put her mask on, she politely declined and they took her to the office," said Urlacher.

Urlacher said she does not want her daughter to wear a mask because the government does not control her body, and its her choice.

High School District 211 released the following statement: 

"As a matter of public safety, we are required to enforce the State of Illinois' mask mandate to minimize the risk of COVID virus transmission. A student's refusal to wear a mask poses a potential threat to the safety of other students and staff as we return to full in-person instruction."