Suburban teenager hoping for kidney transplant

An 18-year-old suburban man is hoping you might be the one to give him a new kidney.

Right now, Brian McIntyre of Schaumburg is undergoing dialysis three days a week.

He was born with dysplastic kidneys, and he had a transplant when he was a baby. But now, as an adult, he needs another one. He's been waiting four years for this new transplant.

Brian's blood is Type O, which makes finding a match even more difficult. 


April is national Donate Life Month, and Brian is grateful to family members who have helped him out so far.

"I really want to thank two people.  My aunt who donated a kidney in Wisconsin that allowed me to get on a list there.  And my cousin Donny, he was the one who gave me the first transplant and I couldn't be any more thankful," Brian said.

To learn more about Brian's quest for a kidney and how you can help, check out the family's Facebook page.