Support pours in for officer's ailing 2-week-old daughter

(KDFW) - Just weeks after bringing home their newborn daughter, a Fort Worth police officer and his wife are back at the hospital by their daughter's bedside.

Two-week-old Annalynne Magallon has suffered seizures and strokes, and doctors are scrambling to figure out what's causing them.

Annalynne’s dad, Brandon Magallon, is used to helping others, but this time, he, his wife and Annalynne need help –- and they’re getting more than they ever expected.

Brandon’s brother, Cody, felt helpless as Brandon watched Annalynne undergo a barrage of tests at Cook Children’s Medical Center. So, he set up a GoFundMe page.
“Whenever all this happened, I was thinking, ‘What can I do to eliminate one of their problems?’” said Cody. “Because I know they already have a lot on their plate.”

Almost immediately, support from the men and women behind the badge poured in.

“It's not only my department that I work for, but others, and never would I have known that it would go this far,” said Brandon. “Even friends of officers or family of officers, they're all coming together and donating and sharing.”

Within two days, more than $5,000 was raised in an attempt to offset what is likely to be a very costly experience.

“Just one thing after another,” said Jayme, Annalynne’s mother. “We thought that she would just be here for a quick little visit and that everything would be OK, and we were told she had to be here a couple days and then a couple weeks and then now a long time."

But what touched Jayme and Brandon the most is not donations from those they knew; but rather, support from those they don't.

Doctors are still trying to figure out what’s wrong with Annalynne. Her seizures and strokes have subsided for now and she’s stable, but she’s still going through a lot of tests.