Surveillance video shows how customer gunned down armed robber

Surveillance video shows how a customer in a south suburban auto parts store gunned down an armed robber and kept him from escaping.

Police say the shooting is an example of a legal gun owner using his weapon to protect himself.

On September 13, surveillance video shows a gunman entered the Advance Auto Parts store in Dolton, went behind the service counter and came face to face with a customer while two employees locked themselves in a washroom and called 911.

But this armed robbery had a different ending than most. The gunman tried but failed to escape through a back door. He then heads out the front door where he's shot and killed. Not by police, but by the customer he had confronted earlier. That customer had gone outside, hid behind a car and fired three shots. One shattered the glass door, the others took down the robber.

The robbery suspect eventually got up and stumbled to the side of the building, where police found him. He died later at a hospital. 

Police say the customer who did the shooting was shaken up by the incident but is doing okay, and prefers not to be publicly identified at this time.

The shooter did have a concealed carry permit. Police say the training required for that permit probably helped him handle the situation.

Prosecutors reviewed the case and decided not to charge the shooter.

The police chief says a shooter in these circumstances shouldn't necessarily shoot to kill, but should shoot to stop the threat.