Suspect in murder of off-duty officer is former police recruit, source says

A Chicago Police source told Fox 32 News on Sunday that the suspect in the murder of an off-duty Chicago police officer was formerly a police recruit.

John Rivera, 23, died after being shot in the 700 block of N. Clark in the River North neighborhood Saturday morning.
The main person believed to have pulled the trigger was reportedly arrested while he was a recruit at the police academy for home invasion -- accused of breaking into an ex-girlfriend's house and threatening her with a gun.
The source said that police are questioning three people as of Sunday. 

When asked to comment, CPD's chief communications officer said the department will not confirm, deny or comment on anything, saying "unofficial sources commenting on this case stand to undermine a criminal investigation into the murder of an officer and we won't stand for that." 

Rivera had just finished a Friday shift handling homicide paperwork when he went to the night life district with another officer and two friends, according to police. Around 3:30 a.m., they got into his parked Honda Civic when police say three men walked up with one of them shooting directly into the car.