Video captures SUV crashing into Ukrainian Village business

An SUV was driven into the front of a retail store in Ukrainian Village Thursday morning. 

This is the third day in a row that a car has smashed into a business. 

This most recent incident occurred at Boneyard Chicago in the 1100 block of North Ashland around 5:10 a.m. 

Video surveillance captured the offenders trying to steal high-end gym shoes and clothing. However, they got away with exactly what they came with — nothing. 

At one point, cameras captured the driver getting out of the vehicle, adjusting his gun, and a different person hopping into the driver's seat to try and plow through security shutters. 

The owner says it will cost anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 to repair the damage.

"It would've been better if they broke the windows, got in and stole some merchandise as opposed to destroying the front of the building because no amount of merchandise they would've been able to get up out of here would total up to the damage that we just incurred," said owner Jacob.

Jacob started the business seven years ago and says this isn't the first time organized retail criminals tried to wipe his business out. 

"This happened to us once before at that time they did not get in. They didn't get in this morning either," said Jacob.

In Chicago, smash and grabs are so pervasive that the National Retail Foundation ranked the city in the top ten in the nation.

Jacob said they put in an extra precaution and that didn't work.

"Due to the recent break-ins at other stores around the city, we hired an overnight security guard. They chased him away, they pulled guns on them and chased them away. He alerted police, the alarm company alerted police," said Jacob.

In the surveillance video, you see the mob of at least 6 males imply that they have a gun and that's when the hired security takes off.

Chicago police say no one is in custody.

The National Retail Federation is pushing for a law that would help federal, state and local agencies coordinate to curb theft in stores.