Tailgate event in Austin brings together CPD, residents

Nothing beats tailgating.

You have the fans, rivals and of course good food.

But this tailgate is different because it is hosted by the Chicago Police Department in their parking lot right across the street from the 15th precinct.

“There’s a lot of good officers out there and I understand one bad officer can spoil the bunch, but we are doing a lot of good work out there. You can see it all over, it just needs to be covered more,” said William Martinez, a 15th District Youth Officer.

No matter the score between the Bears and Tampa Bay, this is where two sides become one; Hoping to bring CPD and the Austin community together on one accord.


“Important role is to bring the community out to us and showing them that we are human just like they are and we can get along and work together to solve these problems,” said Lt. Jeffrey Allen of the CPD Tactical Unit.

It’s going to take everyone to combat the issues in Austin. 

People like George Bady, an Austin resident, understand the police distrust and says now more than ever the relationship needs to be mended.

“It’s changing people’s mind because now you have officers walking down a block meeting the stakeholders in the community or talking to the youth, or even bringing job resources to the streets so it makes a big difference,” said Bady

Another event to make a difference will happen Monday at 2 p.m.

The police along with non-profits and other agencies will canvas a two block radius at Latrobe and Fulton, offering resources to the community.