Tax records: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel made $554K in 2017

CHICAGO (AP) - A published reported says Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel made $554,000 in income in 2017.

Monday's report by the Chicago Tribune is based on tax returns Emanuel released in response to a request the newspaper makes every year. Emanuel has released full tax records going back 13 years.

Emanuel's 2017 salary was $201,000. He made an additional $353,000 from dividends, investments and interest. He filed jointly with his wife, who had no reported income. He also claimed $104,000 in deductions and paid $118,000 in taxes. His effective tax rate was 26 percent.

The Tribune reports Emanuel had an average income of about $365,000 during his first six years as mayor.

Emanuel made $16 million as an investment banker before entering Congress in 2002. He became Chicago mayor in 2011 and isn't seeking a third term in 2019.