Technology helps Lollapalooza attendees locate lost items

Lollapalooza's over, but for people who lost a personal item at Grant Park, the process of finding it is just beginning. 

More than 1300 unclaimed items have been turned into the lost-and-found, and technology is helping concert-goers reunite with them.

Jerrin Lawian, in town from Hawaii for the big music fest, lost track of glasses in the sea of people, but recovered them Monday at the lost-and-found at the corner of Michigan and Harrison.

"I lost these sometime in the afternoon. My state of mind might not have been exactly what I was hoping for, but some great soul out there decided, 'yeah. let's return these,'" said Lawian.

That "great soul" who turned them in wasn't alone. From ID's and credit cards, to jewelry, phones, backpacks, keys and watches, hundreds of items were recovered, categorized and posted online with names and screenshots to hopefully find their owners.


"A lot of my friends got their phones stolen and didn't get theirs back, but I'm lucky I found mine," said Alyssa Villarreal.

The process to reunite items with their owners now goes online.

For the next 60 days, is where you can search by your name, or scan the 1300+ items for something you lost, or file a claim by category. Technology--plus a little good will--proving to be a solid combination.

"Just a little bit of hope in the world," said Lawian. "At the end of the day, I like to think a little bit of karma to the universe comes back."