Teen zip line rider showers Las Vegas tourists in urine

(Flickr / 8659143@N08)

What happens in Vegas, sprays in Vegas.

Las Vegas tourists were treated to an unexpected golden shower when a teenager riding a zip line through the Fremont Street Experience urinated on people below as he sped through the attraction on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the SlotZilla attraction confirmed to FOX 5 Las Vegas that a 15-year-old boy “drenched the people below” in pee.

“Like a lot of liquid coming from above us, just showering from head to toe our back and top of the head dripping down, and we thought it was some sort of water, maybe some drinks or beer,” Cazimere Ferguson, a tourist from Honolulu, told the station.

The Fremont Street Experience is a 24-hour entertainment complex featuring shopping, casinos, restaurants and more just a few blocks from the Las Vegas Strip. SlotZilla opened in 2014.