Teens charged in violent attacks near Wrigley Field

A group of teenagers are charged in a serious series of dangerous attacks in Wrigleyville. In one case, a woman was punched in the stomach.

The attacks started in Wrigleyville on Wednesday after the Cubs game. Now, the kids behind the attacks are facing charges. Police say the kids responsible are only 13 to 16 years old.

Surveillance video from a business on Clark Street just south of Wrigley Field captures a young kid punching a woman in the stomach. His friends come to his side and are shoved away by door staff. They fight with the security guards a few more times, and one teenager is even put in chokehold.

Surveillance video also shows the group of teenagers try to hop over a fence and get in through open windows of a restaurant. Another angle shows security rushing to block them from entering.

Shortly after they are shooed away, the group spills onto the street, swinging punches at someone in front of a limousine.

Then, it appears they chase a man down the sidewalk.

Those that live and work in the area say it's hard to believe this happened.

Police say the crime spree continued when the group stole merchandise from at least two nearby stores. One witness says a young kid flashed a wad of cash then grabbed a Cubs hat from a store near Clark and Cornelia and ran.

One shop owner followed the group until police arrived and witnesses helped identify the 13 to 16 year olds at the Belmont Red Line stop.

The 13 to 16 year olds are facing mob action, retail theft and some are charged with assault.