Thanksgiving travel rush gets into full swing at Chicago airports

Wednesday is the busiest day for Thanksgiving holiday travel at Chicago’s airports.

Both Midway and O’Hare airports expect to see higher numbers of passengers compared to last year at this time.

Aviation authorities advised the public to allow extra time for long lines through security.

Large groups are traveling, families with small children, friends going on vacation. It makes for congestion in the terminal as infrequent travelers need more time to get through security. 


The airlines have extra people working to help travelers with questions.

TSA spokeswoman Jessica Mayle said agents have recovered 100 guns at checkpoints this year. She said a lot of travelers still forget the limits on traveling with liquids and gels.

TSA lowered the price of pre-check status from $85 to $78 for 5 years. Mayle said pre-check status really does speed the process for qualified travelers and allows agents to focus more on the safety of the flying public.