'The Batman' stars talk process of creating the highly anticipated blockbuster

The Bat and the Cat are reunited once again in the highly anticipated new blockbuster "The Batman," which finds the iconic roles re-imagined by actors Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz. 

The pair sat down to talk with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about what they learned on their first Dark Knight film that they’d advise the next generation of actors who will play the characters about.

And it all comes town…to being able to use the bathroom. 

"Are we going to continue the theme of just telling people that they need to figure out how to go to the bathroom in the suit," a laughing Zoe Kravitz asking Pattinson.

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"It just feels incredible," Pattinson said, "but admittedly, you do think…’How do I go to the bathroom?’ But that takes a couple of minutes."

"And that’s when you’re like ‘Oh that’s why that’s the one piece of advice I’ve gotten,’ it’s real." 

"It’s not the first thought!" laughed Pattinson. 

"No, it’s the third thought!" responded Kravitz. 

"The Batman" hits theaters on March 4th.