'The Creator': Gareth Edwards on blurring the line between humans, A.I. in new sci-fi thriller

The timely topic of artificial intelligence is front-and-center in the new science fiction thriller "The Creator," hitting theaters this weekend.

The film is an original idea from writer/director Gareth Edwards, the director of the "Star Wars" prequel "Rogue One."

Edwards sat down with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton to discuss the new film and how the topic of robots and artificial intelligence is quickly transforming from "science fiction" into "science fact."

"I think the difference I was going for was I wanted to A.I. in our movie to feel very, very real," Edwards said. "They feel like they’re humans. They’re the same as us."

The acclaimed filmmaker added "When we were shooting the film, every single actor who would show up who was playing a robot or A.I. would sort of go like ‘How do I move?’ and ‘Do I talk normally?’

"I said ‘Forget you’re in a sci-fi movie!"

"The Creator" hits theaters on Friday, Sept. 29.