'The Suicide Squad' cast on potential Marvel-DC crossover additions

This ain’t your grandparents superhero movie.

The new DC action comedy "The Suicide Squad" sports an all-star cast and rolls into theaters around the country on Friday.

FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton spoke with Margot Robbie and her "Suicide Squard" teammates about the rumor that Marvel and DC might want do a cross over movie one day – and asked which character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe they’d love to see recruited.

"That’s a good question," Robbie said. "Maybe Deadpool? I feel like he’d fit in, be able to hold his own with the Suicide Squad."


Robbie’s co-star Joel Kinnaman, however, chose the God of Thunder himself: "I’d go back to my roots and I’d grab Thor," he said.

However, their wrestling co-star John Cena isn’t a big fan of that idea, saying "I’ve lost enough fights to know that would probably not be a good idea."

"The Suicide Squad" hits theaters and starts streaming Aug. 6 on HBO Max.