Therapy pigs bring joy to patients at TGH

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We've all heard of therapy dogs, but patients at Tampa General Hospital got a visit from a different kind of therapy animal.

The so-called ThunderBolt Therapy Pigs brought joy to some patients staying in the TGH pediatric unit.

Thunder and Blot underwent about nine months of training to become certified therapy animals. Their trainer is only 10-years-old, but she’s already doing a lot of good for a lot of people.

“People get so excited, no matter if they’re an adult or a kid, they just start smiling,” the pigs’ trainer, Claire Barrow told FOX 13 News. “It’s nice to see it because they are going through a very hard time and it's nice to see a smile on their face.”

Since becoming certified therapy pigs, Thunder, Bolt, and Claire have visited patients and hospitals and nursing homes.

Claire’s mom runs High-Risk Hope – an organization dedicated to helping mom with premature babies in the NICU.

And with her pigs, Claire is becoming the next generation to bring hope to those who need it.