Thieves carjack and crash Porsche in River North

Chicago thieves tried to make off with a Porsche on Monday, eventually crashing in River North.

The crash shut down the intersection of North Franklin and West Hudson for two hours.

It all started when Chicago police tried to pull over a stolen black Porsche Panamera. The car backed into a police cruiser and took off, traveling west on Huron and crossing Wells. That is when a nearby worker heard a boom.

“Suddenly, I heard a very loud crash. I went outside to see two cars completely disassembled. I saw two guys coming out of the car and running away. They were pretty young,” the person said.

The employee didn’t want to be identified, but says the males that jumped out of the Porsche looked very young.

Chicago police say the Porsche ran a light and collided with an 86-year-old man driving a black Cadillac right after 6 p.m. The five males in the stolen luxury car took off on foot, but were eventually tracked down.

The 86-year-old man refused medical treatment and no officers were hurt, but because of the outdoor dining in the area, things could’ve been worse.

“The older man was just crossing the street, he had the green light and he hit them from the back. We were just super glad because we have people right by where it happened just a few feet away from where it happened. We are just happy everyone is ok,” a witness said.

The suspects are being questioned Monday night.