Thieves snatch $50K worth of purses from Chicago consignment store

A group of thieves rushed a Chicago consignment store in broad daylight Monday and stole thousands of dollars worth of purses.

The owner of Cynthia's Consignments said $50,000 in designer handbags were stolen off her shelves in just a matter of seconds.

Cynthia Dibuglione said it was a busy day inside her store, which has been at the same Lincoln Park location for nearly 30 years.


A customer approached the door Monday afternoon and Dibuglione said she buzzed him in, as she does all of her customers. Dibuglione said that’s when about 10 to 12 other young men rushed into the store behind the customer and tore merchandise off the shelves.

The group of thieves then fled the store and drove off in two getaway vehicles.

"It was fast, it was so fast. It's like they've done this plenty of times before and unfortunately in the City of Chicago, there's no repercussions. None. Even if they do get them, they’ll be out tomorrow," Dibuglione said.

"I had a buzzer, I have cameras. I mean, what could I do differently," Dibuglione said. "And I had a house full of people here. What could I have done differently?"

Chicago police confirm they are looking for unknown suspects, but have no one in custody at this time.

The owner is currently working with Ring to obtain all of the surveillance video from the incident.

Ald. Brian Hopkins released the following statement in response to the robbery:

"Retail smash-and-grab raids conducted by large groups who overwhelm a merchandise store are not limited to the Loop and Michigan Avenue. We observed a similar pattern during the looting incidents of 2020, when additional police were deployed downtown as a visible deterrent. The thieves simply moved their criminal activity to other neighborhoods to avoid the stronger police presence downtown. Better strategies are needed to arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate repeat offenders, who are responsible for this ongoing crime wave."