Thinking about cutting your own Christmas tree? We got advice from a tree farm expert

PEOTONE, Illinois (FOX 32 Chicago) - Have you ever thought about cutting down your own Christmas tree? The experts at Bengtson's Farm in Peotone say it's worth it. Just come prepared.

You should check in advance to see if the farm supplies saws and tarps. If not, you'll need to bring your own.

Wear warm, "farm-worthy clothing," said owner Jeremy Bengtson.

He said all trees are good; the only thing you need to look for is if you like it.

One thing you should think about doing is having the tree "shaken." This can remove some unwanted travelers.

"There can and will be bugs," Bengtson said. "They are fresh, live trees. Once in a while you'll get a spider nest in your house and it will hatch. It's not spring like they think it is, though. They go away quick."

Bengtson said all your Christmas tree needs is water.

"There are a lot of magical formulas and they might help a little, but really, all your tree needs is water," he said.