This is America's favorite Halloween candy


(FOX News) - It’s a shocker, but apparently not everyone prefers Butterfingers in their Halloween bag. A new survey shows candy corn is America’s top treat for the spooky holiday.  

According to Influenster, a product discovery and reviews site, the classic orange, yellow and white stripped sugar bombs were voted the top candy in five states, more states than any of the 30 candies listed.

Candy corn received a total of only 1,236 votes while Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, the national winner with 4,348 votes overall, was voted top candy in only two states, according to the study. The survey polled 40,000 people across the country.

Take a look at to see the favorite in your state:

Alabama - AirHeads

Alaska – Snickers

Arizona – Toblerone

Arkansas – Skittles

California – Lifesavers

Colorado – Milky Way

Connecticut – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Delaware – 3 Musketeers

Florida – Nestlé Crunch

Georgia – Pixy Stix

Hawaii – 100 Grand Bar

Idaho – Butterfinger

Illinois – Snickers

Indiana – Reese’s Pieces

Iowa – Twix

Kansas – Twizzlers

Kentucky – Whoppers

Louisiana – Swedish Fish

Maine -Starburst

Maryland – Almond Joy

Massachusetts – Starburst

Michigan – M&M’s

Minnesota – 100 Grand Bar

Mississippi – Hershey’s Kisses

Missouri – Hershey’s Kisses

Montana – Kit Kat Bar

Click here to read the full list from FOX News.