Three things you need to know to stay safe while driving through the snow

What are the three things most people don't know about staying safe while driving in the snow?

Good Day Chicago anchor Sylvia Perez talked with vehicle technology safety expert Alex Epstein to find out how to stay safe this winter.

Epstein said there are three main things most people don't think about.

First, most cars have cameras and sensors, but have you made sure they're not covered with snow?

"They can't help you if they can't see the road," Epstein said. He recommends cleaning the sensors before you set out.

  • Backup cameras are usually somewhere around the license plate.
  • In the front, there are also sensors on bumpers.
  • Another camera or sensor might be on the windshield near your rear-view mirror, so make sure your windshield is clear.

"Don't start to drive with just a hole scraped in the windshield," Epstein said.

Another issue: your tires should match.

"Radial tires should not be mixed with standard tires," Epstein said. "What happens is they don't grip the road evenly. If the road surface changes in icy conditions, it makes it harder to stop."

The third thing? If you're older, forget what you know about pumping the brakes. These days most cars have anti-lock brakes.

"Just slow down and put more distance between you and the car in front of you. Braking takes a long time. If you have anti-lock brakes, don't pump the brakes," he said.