Tighter security this weekend for St. Patrick's Day parade in Chicago

Expect to see some major changes if you're planning to attend Saturday’s St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown Chicago.

Organizers and police are cracking down on public drinking by setting up new security procedures along the parade route.

At Plumber's Hall they're in full parade mode, bagpipers piping and a test for the mysterious dye that turns the Chicago River green.

But there's another tradition parade organizers want to end this year – public drinking.

The Plumbers Union, which has run the event for more than 60 years, has noticed an uptick in drinking along the parade route over the past couple years and the bad behavior that inevitably follows.

So this year they're doing something about it.

For the first time, the parade route down Columbus will be barricaded and the half million parade goers will only be able to enter at two controlled checkpoints, at Jackson and Ida B. Wells.

All bags and purses will be hand checked, and no alcohol will be allowed on the parade route.

If you want to see the river dyed green, it’ll happen at 9 o'clock Saturday morning. The best place to see it? On the river walk between Michigan and State.