TikTok video shows courageous moments Arizona construction workers rush to help crash victims

Construction crews working on the Broadway Curve Project near I-10 and the US-60 are being called heroes after they jumped into action to rescue people inside an overturned truck.

Another person driving a few cars behind caught it all on camera. That person is Dylan Ludlam.

He was driving to work around 1:30 in the afternoon on Aug. 11 when the unthinkable happened.

"Everyone there was like shook. We were just all like … all we can do is pray and hope these people are OK," he said.

Ludlam describes what happened.

"I did see like out of the corner of my eye, I just saw this truck flying off the edge of the thing, and I was like, what the heck? Then I looked up and there was this huge dust cloud, and you couldn’t even see the street," he said.

The crash caused long delays along the westbound US-60 and I-10 transition ramp. 

The Arizona Department of Public Safety says a trailer loaded with digging equipment was cut off by another vehicle. The driver lost control, jack-knifed, and went down an embankment.

That’s when Ludlam got out of his vehicle and started recording as multiple construction workers jumped into action.

"That’s when they got that bulldozer and busted that door open," he said.

The workers instinctively used the tools and equipment around them to help. Soon, they were able to pry the truck's door open.

One passenger walked away while they carried the driver out and waited for paramedics.

"They got both of them out of the truck and like by ten minutes, fifteen minutes," Ludlam said.

He posted the videos to TikTok to share the courageous efforts of the construction workers. He hopes the workers will be rewarded for their quick actions.

"Within not even 24 hours, there was 2.4 million views, so it was a little wild. But, all the comments are just like ‘shout out to the construction workers.’ It’s crazy," he said.

DPS says the driver and passenger of that vehicle fortunately just had minor injuries.