Tinley Park High School: 'Nothing funny' about TikTok prank video that misled students, teachers

The administration at a south suburban high school found itself in damage control on Monday for a TikTok challenge that officials said was not funny.

A video made by a student or students at Tinley Park High School appears to show students teachers and the principal holding and pointing cell phones like guns. The video was also posted to Facebook, with some calling it "hilarious" while others said it was "disgusting" and "real stupid."

Many expressed disbelief that the teachers and principal would take part in such a video. But school district spokesperson Jamie Bonnema says teachers and principal Dr. Theresa Nolan were misled and shocked by the way the video was edited.

"From what we understand, they were told that they were going to be in a video kind of promoting school spirit. They had no clue that they would be made to look like they were holding guns. They had no clue that their phone was going to be used like that. The video is edited pretty heavily to make them look a specific way. So completely misled by a student at the school," said Bonnema.  "We were extremely disappointed when we saw this video."


Bonnema said school officials just learned of the video Sunday. But many teachers and students didn't find out till arriving at school Monday.

"I hope that we can have some serious conversations with our students And move forward," she said. "It's being investigated. We have to talk to all the people involved. We have to find out the specifics of what happened."

She said there will be consequences for whoever was involved.